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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exercise 2b: Finishing the Template, 10/04/12

Check this out! Check this out:

Exercise 2b: Creating Your Site TemplateLet the fun continue: template creation. Exercise 2b is a guided tutorial through the creation of content for your site template: greeked text for the contents, a navigation ordered list for the nav tag, h6 navigation for the footer, a complete signature, and automated W3C.org validation. You will receive a handout in class stipulating all the steps necessary to create this material: Exercise 2b: Creating Your Site Template.

For this second part of creating your template, you will need to create some greeked text. You can copy some of this from your in-class exercise of last week or generate some new text at http://www.procato.com/lipsum/.

If you have questions, just e-mail me at wbuchholz@bentley.edu. Feel free to comment on this announcement, or if you want to e-mail it, click on the little mail icon directly below. Note also that each announcement has a permanent link, available through the announcement title and posting date.

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