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Monday, September 17, 2012

Exercise 1c: Creating Your Prototype Site, 09/18/12

Exercise 1c: Creating Your Prototype Site.
Check this out! Check this out:

With any luck, today we will finish Exercise 1, creating the shell of your world class IDCC 370 professional portfolio Web site. This final part of the exercise will involve creating the actual Exercise 1 page for your exercises portion of the Web site.

You will place two graphics on the page: the Web Directory Model from Assignment 1 and the Web site hierarchy graphic displayed in this announcement. Finally, you will document this whole procedure, being very careful to cite your sources correctly. Here is an Adobe PDF of the in-class exercise entitled "Exercise 1c: Creating Your Prototype Site."

An element of the documentation of Exercise 1 involves discussing the hierarchy of your IDCC 370 Web site. Here is the graphic representation of the top-tier gateway pages to your site: In class you will download this file and insert it in the appropriate place in your documentation for Exercise 1. You will then link the individual page icons with their respective resources.

If you have questions, just e-mail me at wbuchholz@bentley.edu. Feel free to comment on this announcement, or if you want to e-mail it, click on the little mail icon directly below. Note also that each announcement has a permanent link, available through the announcement title and posting date.

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